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Ariella Hamilton - 14 - Freshman - Density Control - Olivia “Chachi” Gonzales - Open

Ariella is the sweet, bubbly, petite girl running around, giddy with excitement of finally being in high school. Even if it is, technically, one for what she considers freaks. She incredibly nice, to pretty much everyone, and very naive. She’s innocent, too, wide-eyed with shock at everyone at the school. Freezing, stretching, possessing..What else is there to see? She’s very observant and absorbent, even though a lot of people write her off as a ditz. They see blonde and kind, and automatically assume she’s nothing to worry about. But she retains everything she hears, and tells anyone she can about it. She hurts a lot of people like that, even though she doesn’t mean to.

Ariella can control an item’s—including people’s—density. A lot of the time, she’ll float a few feet off the ground, cross-legged, to center herself, shocking pretty much everyone around her. She doesn’t like using it that much, though, because it exhausts her. She always has a Monster or a Rockstar with her because of it, just in case she does have to use it. It’s also a way to make her tired, though, so people who get annoyed by her bubbly personality can trick her into using her powers, and she’ll shut up for a bit, while she gets her energy back. Even though it’s a pretty cool power, it drains her completely. 

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